Searching for quarters and eating Rice Krispie treat lambs. Tim and Amy discuss some of their Holy Week family traditions, and how these traditions invite them to go deeper in their faith. They share some of the beauty that has come out of social distancing.

This coronavirus stuff is stretching us in all sorts of ways. Tim and Amy are back to discuss disciplines in their lives that have helped prepare them for such a time as this, just as Lent helps prepare us all for Easter.


She had a plan - college, ministry work, marriage to a pastor or missionary. Amy shares how her story took a turn when God decided to lead her home to the Catholic Church.

February 21, 2020

We’re Back!

Tim and Amy are back! Listen in to hear why the long radio silence, and how they "lean in" through struggles with marital collisions, anxiety, and spiritual warfare.

October 22, 2019

Priorities and Pants

Tim asks Amy to discuss when she feels like she is a priority to him. They also ask listeners to weigh in on whether Tim should wear his new jogger pants in public.

Tim's mom use to bribe Tim to go to religious education. Now, he's a faithful Catholic and devotes time to serving his community. In this carcast, he and Amy discuss that journey and how music played a part in it.

Tim and Amy are back! They tackle a listener's question and dive into the difficult topics of vulnerability and  connectedness in marriage. 

Tim is a cradle Catholic and Amy is a Catholic convert. In their first "carcast" ever, they discuss their experience with the liturgical year and how they live the seasons with their young kids, including one Lenten tradition their kids insist upon.

Tim and Amy don't want to slog through the week to get to the weekend. They don't want to kill themselves until they get to retirement. In this episode, they discuss having an awesome life in the here and now.

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Tim and Amy didn't realize how differently they saw and approached the world until they discovered the four Greek Temperaments. They're back to discuss what temperament they each are, and how knowing and understanding these temperaments changed their marriage.

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